Weight Loss Psychology

Welcome to a new way of thinking about weight loss


breastfeedingWeight Loss Psychology (WLP) is the new field of evidence-based psychotherapy developed by Dr George Blair-West to assist in the treatment of obesity.

It starts with the premise that our relationship to food is both developmentally profound and primal, constituting an attachment that rivals early interpersonal attachments. The threat of denying access to emotionally significant foods triggers a range of complex, psychophysiologic responses that, if not managed, result in the self-sabotage of weight loss plans. WLP aims to deconstruct, understand and manage these forces that prevent successful and sustained weight loss. Research into Restraint Theory is married to psychotherapies influenced by Attachment Theory to inform a comprehensive clinical strategy.

Dr George Blair-West is a€“ Medico, Psychiatrist, President of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society and best-selling, award-winning author. Recognised in 2010 by the American Masters of Public Health Degree organisation as one of the top 20 authorities in the world on obesity, he is in an even smaller group of psychologically trained experts dealing with this challenging public health issue. He€“ would like to take you deeper into the fascinating and clinically rewarding world of the psychology and sabotage of weight loss.

As a hands-on clinician and trainer, Dr Blair-West’s focus is on developing clinical skills in other health professionals that fundamentally changes the way weight loss is managed.

Is this site for you?

This site is primarily for healthcare professionals working in the weight management field i.e. real-world clinicians. If you are not a health professional i.e. someone interested in losing weight then you need to click the link below to be taken to my website for the general population. My latest online programs focus on the two ‘M’s of Weight Loss Psychology – Mindset and Motivation. (I’m currently developing the equivalent programs, at a more sophisticated level for health professionals.) If you want to lose weight yourself, here is the link, for the general population that will take you to the site that follows on from my book of the same name


THIS SITE is for health professional who have asked the big, inevitable question that this experience brings: Why do the vast majority of people fail to stick to weight loss programs or, if they do lose their weight, why do they regain it?

There has been a missing ingredient in weight management protocols. The missing ingredient, like leaving out the grapes in winemaking, is not a minor one -€“ it is the very essence!

As anyone who has struggled with their weight will tell you, first and foremost it is a mind game. ‘Comfort Eating’ needs to go down in history as one of the greatest oversimplifications of all time!

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How will insights into weight loss psychology help you in your clinical work?

If you are like Dr Blair-West you prefer to succeed rather than fail! Traditional approaches have caused many therapists to move out of this field as repeated failures demoralised, not just their clientele, but these very clinicians themselves.

A key element of the Blair-West Approach is conceptualising overeating and weight gain as a symptom, not as a condition in its own right. This simple shift is fundamental, because it immediately takes us to looking to establish the underlying cause of the problem.

The reason why weight is either not lost or lost and regained is often because only the symptom is being treated, not the underlying driver for the weight gain.

Success depends on understanding what the weight gain was a symptom of or inevitable failure follows.

Dr Blair-West has trained hundreds of professionals in his workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. No other expert has trained more weight-loss professionals in these countries.

Between his fifteen years of clinical experience, his work with other professionals and his ongoing supervision of healthcare professionals, he has amassed deep clinical experience that he would like to share with you.

What makes Dr Blair-West’€™s approach so different?

To lose weight -€“ and keep it off  - the key is our mindset. If we do not get this right, the latest you-beaut, best diet in the world will have an early use-by date. We will sabotage it before you can say, “And I was doing so well there for a while!”

The Blair-West Approach begins with a key premise: do not even begin to try to lose weight until you have developed the right mindset (especially the right expectations). This is because not only is all motivation built on our mindset but while motivation will get you moving, only the right mindset will get you over the obstacles and to the finish line.